4 Wedding Tips for An Eco-Friendly, Totally Unique Wedding


A green wedding is a novel concept but one that is catching up fast. Wouldn’t you want the most important day of your life to be one that saves the planet too, what with green wedding decorations, environment-friendly accessories and invites, and even bridal wear – all easily available, specially at online stores.

Here are 4 easy, fun and trendy green wedding ideas for a green wedding that treats your planet like a super special guest.

1. Eco-friendly wedding jewellery

Weddings today can cost anyone thousands and thousands of dollars for just one single event which becomes a hazy memory at best in a few years. To have the satisfaction of knowing that your wedding contributed to your planet is a special feeling that no one can take away from you. Wedding jewellery is one such extravagant expense that can be made less costly by investing in incredibly unique jewellery that is beautiful and eco-friendly to boot, as it is made of precious metal or handcrafted from wood.

2. Eco-friendly bridal accessories

Accessories seem tiny but cost you mega bucks in a wedding. Get green and trendy with bohemian style, chic bridal accessories that will make you look like a million bucks and help planet Earth as well. From nature-inspiring stunning hair accessories for brides and wedding parties to charming adorning accessories for flower girls, you’ll find all these and more at select stores across America.

3. Eco-Friendly Wedding Gown

Wedding dresses do their bit by contributing substantially to the harmful carbon-emissions by all the chemicals, dyes, and discarded materials that go into the making of one. So, it is one of the easiest ways of going green in your wedding, by getting a wedding dress that is socially responsible, made from locally-created textiles or sustainable fabrics. Wedding gown designers the world over are creating eco-friendly wedding dresses.

You could also get a recycled one for a very good price.

4. Eco-friendly wedding invites and favors

Your guests will love to support a green wedding and gladly take up locally-made, handcrafted wedding goodies.

From artisan soaps that are handmade to NGO-benefitting reclaimed material gifts to handmade wedding invitations and custom engraved cake toppers, ring boxes and wood invites to more, Earth-friendly weddings can be totally unique and lots of fun to plan.