4 Wedding Tips for An Eco-Friendly, Totally Unique Wedding


A green wedding is a novel concept but one that is catching up fast. Wouldn’t you want the most important day of your life to be one that saves the planet too, what with green wedding decorations, environment-friendly accessories and invites, and even bridal wear – all easily available, specially at online stores. Here are 4 easy, fun and trendy green wedding ideas for a green wedding that treats your planet like a super special guest. 1. Eco-friendly wedding jewellery Weddings today can cost anyone thousands and thousands of dollars for just one single event which becomes a hazy memory at best in a few years. To have the satisfaction of knowing that your wedding contributed to your planet is a special feeling that no one can take away from you. Wedding jewellery is one such extravagant expense that can be made less costly by investing in incredibly unique jewellery

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Go Green & Save the Planet – 5 Tips for Protecting the Forests & Nature


Forests are a part of one-third of our planet and they provide the crucial organic infrastructure for the Earth’s most dense and diverse lifeforms. From 1.6 billion humans to a zillion species, forests support all these and more. So, when you think of the staggering damage that we’ve caused to Mother Nature, it becomes overwhelmingly shocking. You feel helpless and tiny in front of the impact of the damage. We’ve even suffered through the consequent pitfalls of hurting our planet – acid rains, flash floods, tornadoes, torrential storms, extreme heat and cold and many more catastrophic calamities. This is why every individual needs to do their bit to save our planet and protect the forests. Stopping deforestation and conserving nature starts from the very tiny steps that begin from your own home. Earth is gasping for breath and we need to act up to ensure that the future generations also

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Updated: February 2018 Wood is both the customary and also modern material for the 5th commemoration. Preferably it would be worked into the gift theme. Fortunately it is an extremely adaptable material with numerous awesome potential outcomes so you can without much of a stretch tailor it to suit the beneficiary’s advantages. We adore the engraved French chocolate wooden boxes in light of the fact that the gift has two sections – the scrumptious chocolate and after that the personalized engraved plaque on the crate which can later be transformed into an adornments box or other family holder for little bits that need to stay safe. Others relying upon our very own advantages include: wooden model of a couple in grasp, a bonsai plant or cut wood blooms. On the off chance that you wish to give conventional blooms, consider exhibiting five red roses in a wooden vase to acquire

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