Go Green & Save the Planet – 5 Tips for Protecting the Forests & Nature


Forests are a part of one-third of our planet and they provide the crucial organic infrastructure for the Earth’s most dense and diverse lifeforms. From 1.6 billion humans to a zillion species, forests support all these and more.

So, when you think of the staggering damage that we’ve caused to Mother Nature, it becomes overwhelmingly shocking. You feel helpless and tiny in front of the impact of the damage. We’ve even suffered through the consequent pitfalls of hurting our planet – acid rains, flash floods, tornadoes, torrential storms, extreme heat and cold and many more catastrophic calamities.

This is why every individual needs to do their bit to save our planet and protect the forests. Stopping deforestation and conserving nature starts from the very tiny steps that begin from your own home. Earth is gasping for breath and we need to act up to ensure that the future generations also live in the breathtaking landscapes and greenery that we love to experience.

Here are a few ways to do your job of protecting nature and saving the planet:

1. Put on your walking shoes.

Your car contributes to air pollution. Imagine all the cars across the globe that throw up toxic fumes which pollute the planet and you’ll start driving less and walking more. Run your errands, walk to your favourite cafes and jog in the mornings. And guess the added perks of these activities besides saving nature – weight loss, glowing skin, a better mood and overall heath benefits are yours for the taking.

2. Share responsibly.

You pin every single image of your favourite celeb, but how about pinning and retweeting socially responsible news and tidbits that could help the planet? Use social media to spread the message of deforestation and also talk about it with friends and family. Many people have the desire to do eco-friendly things but are clueless as to where to begin. Help them understand as the more people go green, the better it will be for our planet’s future.

3. Recycle and reuse.

Don’t destroy your natural resources by utilising only wood, paper, plastics and other items in your everyday life. Recycle perfectly good, useable items. Get creative and reuse items in innovative ways, that may seem like trash or unusable. Google up DIY techniques and you’ll be blown away with the amazing stuff you can create by recycling materials.

Buy sustainable materials like cellphones and fabrics. Recycle anything and everything and make money out of it.

4. Drive consciously.

1) To prevent from depleting the Earth’s natural resources, lower your fuel consumption by not driving in low gear, or accelerating and/or braking too often.

2) Switch off your ignition while you’re waiting for the traffic light to change to green.

3) Drive shorter distances and share a car when in a group – carpooling is a great way to be environment-friendly and social at the same time.

4) Unnecessary honking leads to noise pollution.

5. Go green at work.

Print less as that requires paper, ink and power – affecting multiple resources at the same time. Rely more on email rather than prints. Switch off your computer at the end of your shift and put it on sleep on lunch and tea breaks or trainings and meetings. Avoid overusage of air conditioners, and replace disposable plates, glasses and cutlery with ceramic items. Ask the night guard or the last person to leave work to switch off all lights.

These actions might seem small but if every person start practicing green ideas in their daily life, the impact would be huge and amazing for our planet.