Go Green & Save the Planet – 5 Tips for Protecting the Forests & Nature


Forests are a part of one-third of our planet and they provide the crucial organic infrastructure for the Earth’s most dense and diverse lifeforms. From 1.6 billion humans to a zillion species, forests support all these and more. So, when you think of the staggering damage that we’ve caused to Mother Nature, it becomes overwhelmingly shocking. You feel helpless and tiny in front of the impact of the damage. We’ve even suffered through the consequent pitfalls of hurting our planet – acid rains, flash floods, tornadoes, torrential storms, extreme heat and cold and many more catastrophic calamities. This is why every individual needs to do their bit to save our planet and protect the forests. Stopping deforestation and conserving nature starts from the very tiny steps that begin from your own home. Earth is gasping for breath and we need to act up to ensure that the future generations also

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